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LuminHouse PRO


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Redefining image delivery

The market is full of solutions that allow photographers to deliver a temporary gallery of photos to their clients. That means that your clients would have a fixed amount of time to download their photographs and work out how to store their images safely. Typically many photographers just continue paying to host their clients images which is not good business practice in the long-term. LuminHouse is unique in that it seamlessly integrates reliable image delivery with a beautiful, permanent and secure cloud storage solution for all of your client’s images.

Your clients, their gallery

Sharing and showing off your images has never been easier. Once you’ve completed final handover of images, your clients are free to manage their own photos, create custom folders and securely share individual images or whole galleries with friends and family. For a small monthly ongoing fee, they can rely on their own permanent gallery to keep their memories safe and readily accessible via their browser

Revenue Sharing

Income that sticks with you through thick and thin

There’s no other way for you to get recurring income from past clients. Keep earning through your dry spells.

Our one-of-a-kind revenue sharing model

We will reward photographers whose clients store their images with LuminHouse with an additional source of income via our unique commission system. This means that you will have a steady stream of revenue for the lifetime of your clients’ subscription to our service. Depending on whether your clients choose to go with a monthly or annual subscription, you will receive either $2 per month or $20 per year for each of your clients that continue to use and enjoy their beautiful bespoke galleries.

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Image Proofing

Pinpoint accuracy

Our ‘True Proofing’ feature gives your clients the ability to pinpoint the exact areas they would like touched up as well as letting you exchange comments with them until they are happy with the final image.

Streamlined client communication

No more lengthy e-mail conversations. No more guesswork. Communicating between you and your client just got a lot easier with the ability to open up a conversation in the comment box on any particular image. If you’d rather do it face to face, over e-mail or the phone, don’t worry, you can toggle our ‘True Proofing’ feature off and on – just do whatever works best for you


Many reasons why your clients will say “I do” to LuminHouse.

We know you take your clients’ satisfaction seriously. You work hard to deliver your very best and put a lot of time into building and maintaining relationships with your clients. We also know that LuminHouse needs to be as valuable to your clients as it is to you. That’s why we are dedicated to providing your clients with a beautiful, safe and convenient way to store and show off their pictures to friends and family, wherever and whenever they want to. Our cloud solution offers the full package – accessible, safe and private cloud storage for less than the price of a glass of vino.

Collaborative and customisable galleries

With your clients managing their own events, they can organise them into galleries however they see fit. Better yet, thanks to our secure guest-upload facility, they can even invite friends or family to upload their own photos taken at their special occasions. Don’t worry though, your clients can moderate all images uploaded by guests before they are visible to others – ensuring that everyone is always looking their best.




Always gorgeous, at home or on the go

Thanks to our web app your photos are always within reach, from anywhere, at any time. Access your private gallery and dashboard from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop through your favourite browser. We’ve invested time to get responsive design down, so your gallery always looks as impressive no matter what format it’s displayed in.

Keep the party going, even in the cloud

Share photos and exchange comments with your guests and photographer 24/7, totally location independent. Because we believe that tech should free you, not tie you down.


Hand over & breathe easy

No more overloaded hard-drives or worries about backups – just deliver your images through LuminHouse and breathe easy. We handle everything else.

Safe keeping for rainy days

We know what it’s like; that nagging feeling that your clients might want access to old images somewhere down the line. Maybe they lost the USB you delivered the images on or their computer packs up! So they call you up hoping you can save the day and restore their precious memories to them. As they say, sometimes you don’t know how important something is to you until it’s gone. Before LuminHouse, some of our team members kept several copies of client images since the start their careers! Archiving every client’s pictures like that really adds up. We knew there had to be a better way so after years of fruitlessly searching for a solution that met all our needs, we decided to build it ourselves.

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LuminHouse allows you to deliver your images to your clients, straight into personal, permanent and responsive galleries they control from their own accounts, at home or on the go.

Let us free you from the burden of long term storage and from hard drives crammed full of images. Forget worrying about disk failure and the stress of backing up your files. Just drag, drop and deliver, from anywhere, anytime. We handle the rest.

And your clients? They receive a beautiful digital gallery that’s entirely their own, featuring fine grained privacy controls so they can share their precious images with their favourite people